A Drag Show the Republicans Won’t Shut Down

I’m pissed!  there isn’t a motorcycle drag racing class for 80-year-olds!!  No seriously… that was pretty cool! The header in the article intrigued me… so I looked into it (republicans won’t shut down)

SO! I found that many states … none of which are East and west coast states… have PROPOSED legislation etc, etc, etc. This was circa February 2022. As far as I could find out…NONE of the legislation has passed.

However, we Octogenarians are proud to be both racist and homophobic! 
Perhaps the rise in proposed ( I say again proposed ) legislation to limit… and/or eliminate drag queen shows…. is nothing but a political pander.
The gays and the blacks have us Octos outnumbered and out-funded.  Don’t be even mildly surprised when Mayor Pete gets nominated for president in 2024!!!
Time is on their cabal’s side!  The freakin’ cabal is a political gambit run by the power people to further divide true American citizens… and separate us into warring cultures.
Hey, go ahead and paste this into our blog!  Shorter days and doctor’s appointments have been the reason for my absence from the blog… but I’m working on a 3 part series on the Cold War!  You know… air raid drills… duck and cover…
More later…

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