Red Flag Law: Local Agencies Can Seize Owned Firearms

History offers numerous examples of well-intentioned policies to control shootings that have had disastrous consequences.

In 1933, Hitler, seized power and immediately set about using gun confiscation to identify, disarm and attack “enemies of the state,” a euphemism for ALL POLITICAL OPPONENTS!

While no law prohibited citizens from owning guns,  the  political group in power (The Nazis) urged the citizenry to” do the right thing” and turn the possible crazy person with a gun.   Which, of course, resulted in the disarmament of  citizens with no way to defend themselves against the tyranny that led to the death camps of Auschwitz and the other five “extermination centers”.

Today… the wording of this Red Flag Law allows local enforcement agencies to seize legally owned firearms.. with nothing more than a “report” filed by a family member or a neighbor with a grudge or a poitical axe to grind! That seizure of legally owned firearms takes place without due process as spelled out in the 4th amendment.  There is also no language in the Red Flag Law that provides a  clear legal path to get his/her legally owned firearms back. Nor does the language in the Red Flag Law allow restitution for legal cost.

It’s not a stretch of reality to find that these folks reported as a  “danger to themselves and/or the community”… actually turn out to be Republicans… or Conservatives… or Trump Supporters.. of folks who believe in the Constitution as it is written.

Yet… $750 million dollars has been allocated…AND TAKEN… by local law enforcement agencies that will be “executing ” the provisions of the Red Flag Laws.

Johnson Long

Lessons from Nazi Gun Control Stephen P. Halbrook | July 18, 2014

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