Who is the Mysterious 1 Percent That Actually Controls Earth?

Back in the early 70’s… Old Johnson had his first experience with the 1%…No… not the mysterious one percent of the people that have all the money.. and with the money..comes the power….. all the power in the world.

This 1% experience was with a motorcycle gang that flew the “1%” patch on their colors.  Yeppers…. as a significant result of my first divorce… Old Johnson acquired several really bad habits that drew the attention of a fairly well-known motorcycle gang.  One of their upper-echelon members was a friend of mine.  He took me aside and said ” dude… you need to channel this anger of yours with those of the same stripe… or… some law dog will surely shoot your ass … dead…” Thank you Bruce… I’ll always be thankful to you for that.  Old Johnson did survive the years with the motorcycle gang… and learned a whole lot about living and dying from that great bunch of guys.

Now… for those who don’t know what that patch means…  this post won’t make much sense… however… this post is not about a motorcycle gang whose members are largely no longer alive in this world.

This post is about the mysterious one percent that actually controls the entire Earth… and every person that lives on Earth.  Yes, dear readers, less than one percent of the entire population of the Earth does own, and has always owned…. all the money and all the power.

We, peasants, will never know them, but they own us.  They have owned us since biblical times.  We 99 percenters have been slave labor since the devil convinced Eve to abandon the laws of God… and eat the fucking forbidden apple.

The former United States of America was an experiment that got a little hand with the development of the “middle class”. 

The experiment reached its zenith in 1962… remember that year… never forget that year.  That’s the year the one percent said “enough of this shit… this has gone long enough… time to put the slaves back where they belong”.

What, you think I’m going Hunter S. Thompson on you???   No dear friends.. the experiment is over… and we’re all slaves to the one percent… just like it was…just like it will always be.

So, don’t get too caught up in the world’s “current” events.  Just shut the fuck up and go back to work. Your short-lived gains will be methodically stripped away… just as the principles and beliefs of this once-great nation have been stripped away.

Johnson Long

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