What is Your Super Market Armor of the Day?

Given the shitty weather… I’d say you had a pretty good day!
I’m looking at a couple of 9mm striker-fired pistols… my plan is to home one in each car and truck…  that

way… I may not need to keep 15-shot defense hardware on or in my clothes every time I run to the bank or market.
Still … I’ll keep the 38 airwieght on or in my clothes…when out of the car.
As society continues to deteriorate…   I’ll probably add rifles and loaded mags, to the car and truck pistols… 
It’s my understanding that more guns have been sold at legitimate gun shops with passable background checks… in the last two years ……in the last two fucking years….than in all 8 years of oblunder…. and that idiot sold more guns than any president in history!
The legitimate gun owners have everything on the line… home, family, cats and dogs, Rocket 3 motorcycles…to defend.  Looters, demonstrators, and activists don’t.  Bet on the legitimate ones! 
There is a storm coming, Brother…. start making plans… it’s going to be a bloodbath of biblical proportions!
Mum’s the word…. keep it under your arm!  (a hint….go to Mum deodorant commercial from the 50s)

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