How Does Endocarditis Affect the Second Amendment?

Hello bloggers and those who enjoyed the witty and sometimes caustic posts of Johnson Long.

On the 5th, or was it the 12th, of November 2020. I underwent my SECOND open heart surgery. 

This time I keep Indiana doctors at bay by invoking Medicare’s new “Surgery and Security Protocols” ensuring any Indiana doctor that comes near me will be met with severe resistance from my surgical staff.

That said,

The first open heart surgery was in March of 2020… keeping with the tradition of mediocre to poor standards of medical procedure …. Memorial Hospital of South Bend  fucked it up.

Morons infected me with endocarditis and fucking near killed me. ….

You see, Endocarditis is caused by bacteria in the bloodstream multiplying and spreading across the inner lining of your heart.  Golly, I wonder how that bacteria got into my bloodstream???  Could it have happened during open heart surgery?  Well, the Memorial Hospital thoracic surgical team, just shrugged their shoulders and pasted a shit-eating grin on their faces….saying… hey… sorry for your luck… but it wasn’t us!!!

I should have known something was up when both my cardiologist, Dr. Mittal.. aaaaaand the chief of the thoracic surgery department there… one Dr. Michael Steinberg…. both came into my hospital room … together… stood at the foot of my hospital bed, and gave me the news.

“It wasn’t our fault, but you have complications that a systemic blood infection caused.  There is no cure for the infection that we can do here ( Memorial hospital in South Bend).  We can only refer you to either Northwestern Hospital or Cleveland Clinic.”

Most of my friends have heard this unfortunate history… but I wanted to put it out there as best as I can… while I still can.  You see, I’m coming up on two years now… since the second open heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic.

Oh, there’s tons more history… all bad….  but I’m still here.  I thank God for every minute I’m alive, and treat every day as a blessing.

I’ll be back.

Johnson Long

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