Donald Darth Trump

Donald Darth Trump  is the person elected 45th president of the U.S. by voters in November 2016. That is the Trump who delivered the State of the Union speech Tuesday….. an enumeration of his policies and a look at the content of his re-election campaign, right before his acquittal of all articles of impeachment on Wednesday.

Donald  Darth Trump, the “Trump” of the Democratic Party’s imagination—a Darth Vaderish emperor of evil, whose speech House Speaker Nancy Pelosi methodically tore to pieces, as if summoning an ancient curse that would finally make Donald DarthTrump melt into a puddle before her.

Donald Darth Trump is the character Bernie Sanders calls “the most corrupt president in history” or in Mike Bloomberg’s TV ads is “an angry, out-of-control president.” …. but meanwhile.. .rest of the country went about its business the past three years enjoying the greatest economy imaginable, and the safest the USA has ever been in the last four presidencies.

Nonetheless, all the Democrats and all but one of Washington’s media have tried and tried to reimagine the U.S. presidency as a kind of Star Wars trilogy between the forces of good and rank evil in the person of Donald Darth Trump!!

The first episode was “The Russian Collusion Narrative” in which Donald Darth Trump conspires with the head of the Russian Empire to destroy American democracy.!!! The second installment, taking up where the Mueller cliffhanger left us, was “Obstruction of Justice,” which after the “Collusion” blockbuster had a strikingly short run.

Then came the Donald Darth Trump trilogy’s final installment: “Impeachment,” with headliners Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. The box office for “Impeachment” was awful, and it ended up getting 52 thumbs down in the U.S. Senate…. and just one vote on one count from that traitorous Temple Guard played by Holy Mitt Romney.

The phrase “moderate Democrat” is looking increasingly oxymoronic. These “moderate” candidates are something else, a political animal undergoing evolution from mod to progressive. They’re now mod/progressives, an uncertain species difficult for voters to identify with as you recall from the Star Wars Cantina scene.

To distract from their own divisions, ineptness, racism, gender issues, and on and on ad nauseam….their solution has been to create Donald DarthTrump.  Who …as either impeached creature or president….. just hit 49% approval in the Gallup poll and will hit the mid 50’s as the Democrat Convention draws nearer.

Johnson Long

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