Human Intelligence Vs Balloons

Chinese balloons! Chinese balloons! Chinese balloons! Shoot ’em down..Shoot ’em down..Shoot ’em down.

More nonsense and misdirection!  Geo-spatial intelligence exploits information obtained through satellites, drones, high-altitude aircraft and, yes, even balloons! Spy balloons can collect images and signals, but also chemical analyses of the air.

Oh yeah… the carbon footprint!  More horseshit! They aren’t common, since this approach lacks plausible deniability and (as we have seen) balloons are easily observed and shot down. On the other hand, they do offer a low radar signature, are cheap and can seem innocuous.

Cyber intelligence refers to the overt and covert collection of information from friendly and adversarial networks. It can be obtained through signals collection, malware, or through hackers gaining direct unauthorized access into a systems. 

The Un-United States of America is awash in cyber intelligence from foreign sources… you know.. like Tic Toc ( courtesy of China)

But wait…Human intelligence is the oldest form of intelligence collection and perhaps the most well-known. Spies are generally divided into three categories: declared intelligence officers (overt) people working under official cover, such as spies working as diplomats, military personnel and embassy/civilian support personnel non-official cover spies, often ostensibly working in commercial, academic, and trade positions….and illegal aliens!

Yes, folks.. call ’em migrants… call ’em illegal aliens…call ’em whatever the fuck you want… Estimates of the number of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. range from 10.5 million to 12 million, or approximately 3.2%–3.6% of the population. 

YES YOU FUCKING MORONS..10.5 MILLION TO 12 MILLION potential SPIES!  Hell… let’s just say that 1 % of that headcount are actual spies…and that’s a low number given the countries of origin… that is 105,000 SPIES WORKING FOR FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS THAT HATE US… busy at their work every day.

And Chinese balloons take up 3 weeks straight of air time on ALL the news outlets.  And yet… the borders are open and the spies keep pouring in!

Johnson Long



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