A Sonnet of Super High-tech Jet Fighters and Big Red Ballons

99 Chinese balloonsFloating in the winter skyPanic bells, it’s red alert
There’s something here from somewhere else!The war machine springs to lifeOpens up one eager eyeFocusing it on the skyThe 99  Chinese balloons go by.
99 Decision Street99 ministers meetTo worry, worry, super scurryCall the troops out in a hurryThis is what we’ve waited forThis is it boys, this is warThe President is on the lineAs 99 Chinese balloons go by.
99 knights of the airRide super high-tech jet fightersEveryone’s a superheroEveryone’s a Captain KirkWith orders to identifyTo clarify and classifyScrambling the winter sky99 Chinese balloons go by….
As 99 Chinese balloons go by.
A special thanks to Nena for the inspiration to pen this sonnet.
Johnson Long

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