Mitt Romney’s butt still hurts

Four Republican senators have now said they would oppose the nomination of former restaurant executive Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve board, effectively dashing President Trump’s hopes of putting a political ally on the powerful body.

White House officials also sought to temper expectations that Mr. Cain would be formally nominated for the job, a week after Mr. Trump surprised advisers by declaring the onetime Republican presidential candidate was “the man” for an unfilled Fed post.

Sens. Mitt Romney (R., Utah), Cory Gardner (R., Colo.), Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) and Kevin Cramer (R., N.D.) all said this week that they would likely oppose Mr. Cain’s confirmation if he were formally nominated for one of two open seats on the Fed’s seven-member board of governors.

Mitt Romney, leading the charge of objecting to anything and everything that President Trump says or does.. scores his own personal victory in salving his hurt butt… the butt that President Trump so severely kicked in the 16 primaries.

Screw you Mitt Romney… fucking screw you!


Johnson Long

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