An Air BnB Camper on Piece Arrow FLA Lake Awaits Me!

Hi, Friends in low places!

Sorry, Garth… it happens all the time! Plagiarize does happen!  Get used to it.So, I’m leaving December the 4th for a solo trip to Land O lakes Florida.. where a beautiful Air BnB camper located on Piece Arrow Lake awaits me!

Stepping aside all the bull shit and runny cow manure generated from the mid-term “elections” I look forward to moving to greener pastures of the south…even for just a couple of weeks!

I’ll be using this blog to report daily and nightly… on my solo journey!! Exciting ( or maybe not so exciting) daily adventures.  Hell, it would be a lot more entertaining and enjoyable than the shit that is force-fed us by the media…

So… stay tuned to radio station 4:20 for daily updates!!

 Johnson Long


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