Preparing for Road trip

Hi Friends in low places!  Sorry Garth… it happens all the time! Plagiarize does happen!  Get used to it..

So, I’m leaving December the 4th for a solo trip to Land O lakes Florida.. where a beautiful Air bnb camper located on Piece Arrow Lake awaits me!

Stepping aside all the bull shit and runny cow manure generated from the mid term “elections” I look forward to moving to greener pastures of the south…even for just a couple of weeks!

I’ll be using this blog to report daily and nightly… on my solo journey!! Exciting ( or maybe not so exciting) daily adventures.  Hell, it would be a lot more entertaining and enjoyable than the shit that is force fed us by the media…

So… stayed tuned to radio station 4:20 for the daily updates!!


Johnson Long


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