The Feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker

Today.the feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker!

Patron St. of Carpenters!  Saint Joseph worked in a carpenter’s shop. Whether he owned the carpenter’s shop, or was an employee of the owner, is not clear. God chose Saint Joseph for the education of His Son (and let us remember that Jesus was essentially home schooled) because He wanted the best educator for Jesus. But God always goes beyond the minimal in His provisions, and that is why He chose Saint Joseph for his special role as educator, guide and mentor to the boy Jesus.

One of the things that Saint Joseph taught by word and example was the rule of working for one’s living, something that the early Christians too ….were keen on! So, here’s to you, Blessed Saint Joseph… my Patron Saint! Bless and lead all my fellow Carpenters and all members retired and still working in the trade. United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America!!!

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  1. Looks great especially that picture on the front. Is that one of yours? Would love to have a rifle like that.

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