Are You Paying Attention to the Machiavellian Weaponizing of the Government?

Now and then, folks and followers of Ol’ Johnson Long contact me with poignant and sometimes ridiculous questions, about HOW the United States Government has gotten to the level of corruption and dishonesty it now has.
HOW it got to this level of corruption and dishonesty? Are you fucking serious? HOW?… well if you would have been paying attention to the Machiavellian weaponizing of the government against the citizens… instead of your mindless interest and fascination with sports figures and teams who don’t give a fuck about you or yours… you would have known HOW.

Naturally, the next question is WHY? Ok… I’ll take a little time and patience to answer the question of WHY. I liken the reason of WHY to a whale.

Did you know that the whale is the largest mammal on the face of the earth? And these whales feed off plankton and small fish! This food, a form of plankton called Krill is consumed at a rate of two to three tons a day!!

The digestive systems of whales consist of an esophagus, a compartmentalized stomach, and an intestine. The esophagus of a whale measures just 15 to 25 cm long when fully extended!!! That’s right… tons of food passes from that huge mouth to an esophagus that’s only 5 inches long!

Do you know WHY the digestion system of the world’s largest mammal is configured in that manner?

Because…. that’s the fucking way it is!!!!

Johnson Long

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