Why Our “Relationship “With China is a Circle-Firing Squad

Holy crap!  January 22 has come and gone… and I totally… totally… forgot to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year.

I apologize… seriously.  However, there are some issues that have recently come up in regard to China. 

Views of China have grown more negative in recent years across many advanced economies, and unfavorable opinion has soared over the past year, a new 14-country Pew Research Center survey shows.

The rise in unfavorable views comes amid widespread criticism over how China has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

Then, the ugly head of bully-style economics and slave labor rises to further darken the Chinese door.

But even while majorities in most countries note China’s economic strength relative to the U.S., this opinion does little to color attitude toward China more broadly.

So what would happen if we told China to fuck off? Well.

Overnight, the entire world economy would collapse if the US stopped importing products from China.

All players would suffer if one fell from grace.

As a world economic power, China increasingly becomes the third-largest importer and seller of goods and services for the U.S.

By cutting back on China-made products, raw materials could be greatly reduced.

The result of that event will be a commodities market crash, which may crash all financial markets and plunge the world into a global financial crisis from almost impossible to recover from.

Our “relationship ” with China is depicted as a “circle firing squad”… where everyone gets killed.

As my hero and benefactor, Don Vito Corleone, once asked,” How did things ever get so far… I don’t know.”

Neither do I, Don Corleone…. neither do I.  So China…fanculo il nuovo anno!

Johnson Long

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