Good Friday and Death

Today, Christians all over the world take part in the somber rituals that mark the day when Jesus’ own people put his mortal body to death.

I stayed away from all forms of radio,television and newspaper this day, and reflected on what it could be like to be put to death by your own people, your own countrymen.

Most of us who served in the military, or were first responders of any and all types, have reflected on the possibility of dying at the hand of another human being.  Another human being most likely to be a Citizen, and very likely to be a Citizen of America…..because, that’s where we live….America.

I reflected on the faces of the “marchers” and “protesters” so angry and determined, so purposeful in their demonstrations.  These “demonstrators” appear to have a great deal of anger and hatred in their eyes and faces!

So much anger and hatred for those of us who support the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution…that they would actually want to kill us in order to fulfill their goal…. the abolition  of  the Second Amendment!!!

These days, one sees a lot of bracelets, lanyards, bumper stickers and signs reading ” What would Jesus do?”  Well, I don’t know, that’s for sure… but here is what I do know…and here is how I will confront the marchers and the haters when they come for me.

Molon Labe, and may God have mercy on your souls.

Johnson Long


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