B.S. ( does not stand for Bachelor of Science)

Businessman on blurred background discovering fake news information 3D rendering

The skill of spotting false information—rubbish, nonsense and, yes, fake news—is so important these days that scientists have begun serious research on it. They’re attempting to quantify when and why people spread it, who is susceptible to it, and how people can confront it.

Bullshit is a form of persuasion that aims to impress the listener while employing a blatant disregard for the truth…largely displayed in the entire presidential election held in 2016!  Of course this isn’t new. But false information moves faster and farther these days, thanks to social media and let’s not forget the “drive by” media…. the extension of the Democrat Party!



Check the source. Is this person an expert or in a position to know the information? Why is he or she telling me? What does the person have to gain? “Sometimes it’s just a coolness factor,” says Jevin West, a professor of information science at the University of Washington, who teaches a class in how to spot B.S. in data.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember that we all suffer from confirmation bias—we’re more likely to believe something that confirms what we already think or want. “It’s hardest to spot B.S. we agree with,” says Gordon Pennycook, a postgraduate fellow at Yale who studies B.S. “Question it if it supports your own beliefs.”

Ask questions. Research shows people are more likely to B.S. when they feel they can get away with it. “Ask them simply: ‘Why do you think that? How do you know that is true?’” says John Petrocelli, a social psychologist and associate professor of psychology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., who studies B.S. “This will get them thinking critically.”

Don’t trust your gut. People who pause and think about whether information is true are better able to detect false information, research shows. “Rely on your prior knowledge,” says Lisa Fazio, an assistant professor of psychology and human development at Vanderbilt University.

Ask for evidence. This is different than an explanation, which people can continue to spin. Facts don’t lie—but check them to make sure they are real.

Pay attention to people who discount evidence. “I don’t care what the experts say” is a red flag that the person is using B.S.

Johnson Long signing off!  Peace!

Federal Government picks and chooses winners in energy production

Giving a bribe, hands of businessmen or politician

How does this happen? well, According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and the University of Texas, from 2010 through 2013, federal renewable energy subsidies increased by 54%, from $8.6 billion to $13.2 billion, despite the fact that total federal energy subsidies declined by 23%, from $38 billion to $29 billion.

On a total dollar basis, wind has received the greatest amount of federal subsidies. Solar is second. Wind and solar together get more than all other energy sources combined.

However, based on production (subsidies per kWh of electricity produced), solar energy, has gotten over ten times the subsidies of all other forms of energy sources combined, including wind.


This stupid, costly and corrupt ‘war on coal” the POS past president waged has increased our electrical energy cost by 40% per month …while reducing the dependability of our electrical grid!

And you know who makes the ugly wind turbines and solar panels? Well, the Fed released its latest ranking that put Trina Solar as the top shipper, followed by Yingli Green Energy. Both companies are based in China, which has dominated the solar equipment manufacturing business for many years now…. and guess who ships almost 15% of all wind turbines in the US? Yep…CHINA!

Now that we have “followed the money” … can you see why the “swamp” hates President Trump’s efforts to strike a favorable balance of trade with China? Do you now understand why the drive by manufactures so much negativity regarding a “trade war” with China?

Call your Congressmen and Senators….sadly, it’s the only voice we have!

Johnson Long

The Feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker

st joseph the worker

Today.the feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker!

Patron St. of Carpenters!  Saint Joseph worked in a carpenter’s shop. Whether he owned the carpenter’s shop, or was an employee of the owner, is not clear. God chose Saint Joseph for the education of His Son (and let us remember that Jesus was essentially home schooled) because He wanted the best educator for Jesus. But God always goes beyond the minimal in His provisions, and that is why He chose Saint Joseph for his special role as educator, guide and mentor to the boy Jesus.

One of the things that Saint Joseph taught by word and example was the rule of working for one’s living, something that the early Christians too ….were keen on! So, here’s to you, Blessed Saint Joseph… my Patron Saint! Bless and lead all my fellow Carpenters and all members retired and still working in the trade. United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America!!!